Malta based photographer Moritz Stragholz (MO-ST Photography) was born in 1978 in Germany, moved to Sydney Australia in 2004 where his main focus was on landscape.
From 2007-2012 Moritz was based in London UK, where he developed his fashion photography combined with the urban landscape often with the use of additional lighting.
In June 2012 he moved to Malta to focus on commercial jobs as well as on teaching photography to clients together with JK Photo Events as one of the directors.
Now his main focus is on editorial as well as commercial photography. 

Further Moritz developed a big passion for wildlife photography, mostly in black and white. Shooting all kind of wildlife from big cats to elephants all over Africa. 

Since 2009 he has worked at London fashion Week, been internationally published incl. Professional Photographer, Photography Monthly, OK!, Times of Malta, Vanity as well as shoots for online magazines D'Egalite, Final Fitness and Flawless Magazine.
His clients since then include various musicians, athletes (incl. martial artist and Guinness book record holder Chloe Bruce, Olympic athletes and Team GB Beach volleyball), dancers and various models. Other client’s include: Qinga Swimwear, FreeMyMe, Duke Shopping Centre, Eye Care Cenrer, National Rail (Magazine), Hilton Tower Bridge, Bordeaux Wein Direct - Cologne, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt (Germany), Adagio Pizza.  

Able to work across Malta, London, UK, Germany and rest of Europe as well as able to travel world wide. Moritz is available for commercial as well as editorial photography. He can further assist in location scouting in Malta as well as in organising models. On shoots Moritz tries to shoot his own visions, styles and ideas, however more than happy to accommodate as well the clients needs and requirements.  

For further information or requirements, please see contact details.  


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